Going Green: From Niche to Mainstream

As with any changes in my lifestyle, steps are small as water needs to be tested before I jump in with both feet. In the past five years I have seen greater emphasis of people’s awareness of clean products for the body and home, but honestly, making the alterations from toxic to pure items still remains a work-in-progress in select areas.  Life is about balance, and I simply adore my perfumes too much to give them up at this time. On the other hand, household products is an arena worth embarking.

When we ponder the concept of clean products and organic eating, they certainly commingle, and it is no wonder that celebrities have been tapping into this arena creating non-toxic lines and advocating healthier living. With the up-rise and popularity of this lifestyle, a once niche community is now mainstream hip and cool.

But lets be honest, natural living has been around for years. I recall going shopping at organic stores with my mother in the early 1990’s, my childhood nanny was always absorbed in white musk, eating the most unique foods and cleaning our home with vinegar and lemon.  Fast forward twenty-plus years later, I am cleaning the same way with a line called Thieves.  Sustainability in the home is essential as many conventional cleaners are comprised of a combination of toxic and harmful chemicals.


With a growing and emerging industry in natural lines out there, why Thieves? Simply put, I love the scent. On a more genuine note, I have the option to buy the products prepared for my immediate use, and I can also make the cleaning items with my Thieves essential oil, lemon and water. Furthermore, the company, Young Living, that distributes both the cleaning line and the essential oil has been in the Green sector since 1993. That is well before this green lifestyle became mainstream and trendy.

So as it sit here at my glass table, I am realizing this baby needs a good cleaning. So on that note, I must get ready to depart.

If you have used the Thieves cleaner, please share your story and experience with me! Supposing you are keen in learning more about this brilliant clean line, please check it out here, and as always, feel free to contact me with any questions and comments.

~ Namaste