Dry January (or longer)

As we embrace the new year it always comes as a time to re-check the life we want to live. We tailor our habits and aspire for better, and that’s great and often the first step to any change.

With life, and in today’s new world, we are faced with events that trigger our stress, anxiety, and fear, and often, we turn the alcohol as our support system. Many times that one simple drink evolves into an evening habit of more than just a glass. Well, let’s start off 2022 in a dry, hydrated and personally rewarding goal by giving our body, mind, and soul a months detox from alcohol.

Together, let us find ways to help release that stress and tension into healthier activities from walks, journal writing, listening to music, dancing, yoga, reading, drinking more water, connecting with sober friends, and connecting with professional and reliable guidance. In addition, listed below are benefits that might encourage us to make the decision to go dry this January and beyond. In the article by Laurie McAllister of girlandtonic.co.uk. she writes that remaining sober for one month can help alter alcohol dependency in the long run while helping the body naturally recover.

While going dry can be a rigorous challenge it is essential to seek support from trusted family, friends and a counselor. Having a reliable support system helps keep us accountable and encouraged.

Laurie McAllister listed four benefits to encourage sobriety:

  1. Better Sleep
  2. Better Skin
  3. More Money
  4. Weight Loss

Regular drinking disrupts your sleep cycle. While that nightcap might help you drift off to sleep quicker, as the night goes on, you’ll spend more time in the less restful REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, making you feel tired in the morning no matter how long you sleep for. Cutting out alcohol increases the time you’ll spend in deep sleep, helping you to wake up feeling rested and ready for the day ahead. Turning down drinks helps your skin recover from the dehydrating effects of alcohol and means your body can absorb more vitamin A, increasing cell turnover, and keeping your skin looking healthier and younger! A spell of sobriety also helps your skin recover from the dehydrating effects of alcohol, which can give it an unhealthy texture and color – often causing redness or rose, while also rapidly increasing wrinkles and an aging, saggy look. 79% of Dry January participants said they saved money after taking a month of drinking & doing the maths if you usually spend £30 a week on a bottle of wine and a night of cocktails with friends you’ll save £1,560 in a year. Nothing like increasing the savings account! Hidden calories in that glass of wine or cocktail are significant, with an average of over 300 calories in half a bottle of wine. But it’s not just the calories that impact weight loss while drinking; alcohol reduces your metabolism as your body burns off alcohol first, with this process taking priority over absorbing nutrients and burning fat. If you cut the drinking habit (and don’t replace it with cake), you will lose weight.

Bonus Reason #5 You will be happier, healthier, and a better person to your family, friends, pets, and most importantly, to yourself. Self-care matters!!!

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