The Endless Holiday

The warm-and-fuzzies you feel following a holiday does not have to end when you arrive home. Instilling your holiday habits of rest and relaxation can be achieved by the following recommendations: Take a Break When the steam is rising or your feeling stretched beyond limits, allow yourself solo time for

Staying Zen During the Holidays

  From department stores placing holiday decorations on display by September to companies reminding you to order that special gift by November, it is no wonder holiday season creates a wealth of stress. To ensure an experience of gusto during this time of year, below are a few tips on how

Healthy Life. Healthy Choice.

A few have asked about my wellness lifestyle, so here it goes: The Young Living Premium Starter Kit is one of the best investments I have made for my health. I was most skeptical before I bought the kit, but allowed my mentors to teach me how the oils can

The Magic of Reiki

The following description of Reiki comes directly from They explain the method and purpose so clearly that it was not worth my attempt to rewrite this practice.  Love the image? Me, too! The artistic photo is from Perfect Balance Studio.    Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction

Going Green: From Niche to Mainstream

As with any changes in my lifestyle, steps are small as water needs to be tested before I jump in with both feet. In the past five years I have seen greater emphasis of people’s awareness of clean products for the body and home, but honestly, making the alterations from

Spiritual Verbosity! Say, What?

For those of you that are new to the spiritual world, you may be dubious of the language you hear. I sure was at my first seminar, but in time, the language of love becomes as translucent as water.  In the spirit of the new week, below is a collection

Five Spiritual Practices To Start Today!

When it come to health, wellness, mental peace and overall happiness, I want to do whatever it takes to naturally get there. We are living in a busy world, and it is constantly getting busier with people more connected to their electronics than ever before. We are always “on” even

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