Lazy Day is A-Ok!Ā 

Um, yes! Lazy Sunday is my fun day.

Sunday MorningĀ 

My kind of Sunday morning; the paper, coffee, snuggles in bed with my tater tot, and a few dabs of essential oil on the wrists. What’s your favorite section of the Sunday paper? I love the arts, fashion, and finding new recipes to try. šŸ˜‹

Bit of verbal inspirationĀ 

Disconnect from Work to Wellness

As we approach the new year resolution lists are being created and goals refined. A major initiative for many is finding the tools and techniques for increased wellness and balance and making the impossible, possible by disconnecting from tediousĀ obligations that propagate life stressors. Disconnecting is merely relinquishing work calls and

Burned out from Work? Lets talk.

  Do you find yourself more grouchy and less tolerant these days? Are your once friendly and positive vibes lacking gratification of your achievements? Is muscle pain a common occurrence? Have your healthy habits altered?Ā  If any of this resonates, you are a possible candidate for job burnout.   In

The Endless Holiday

The warm-and-fuzzies you feel following a holiday does not have to end when you arrive home. Instilling your holiday habits of rest and relaxation can be achieved by the following recommendations: Take a Break When the steam is rising or your feeling stretched beyond limits, allow yourself solo time for

Staying Zen During the Holidays

  From department stores placing holiday decorations on display by September to companies reminding you to order that special gift by November, it is no wonder holiday season creates a wealth of stress.Ā To ensure an experience of gusto during this time of year, below are a few tips on how

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