F is for Forgive

Today’s word is Forgive. This is one of the most powerful words. Being able to forgive may alter our world. Practicing forgiveness allows us to let go, establish a new peace, and center into the present. Forgiveness may not happen overnight, but the overall triumph and act will allow the heart to lead with love vs anger.

Another essential aspect of forgiveness is self-forgiveness. It’s easy to judge yourself, let fear and ego take over, but when you alter your inner-dialogue, self-forgiveness can create an abundance of strength and calm. When we decide to remove the toxicity of a grudge, our hearts open and let kindness and love take over.

Reflect and write what forgiveness means to you. Are there people you still need to forgive? How may self-forgiveness shape your thoughts and actions? If forgives is challenging for you write down why it is and let it marinate. Releasing our thoughts on paper will allow your brain to breath and your mindset to view the act of forgiving in a new light.

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