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Family Wellness 101

Wellness programs are increasing their presence in many corporations and businesses; however, these programs are just as integral in the home setting.  Home is where we commence and conclude our day, and it’s often our safe haven to recharge and reset. Whether living alone, with roommates or with a family, nurturing our well-being in the abode is the foundation of sustained health.

To achieve optimal living, one will need a wellness plan with specific health-related goals that can be attained individually or with family members. Creating wellness objectives from fitness to clean eating encourages healthy habits for kids, parents, and couples, physically and mentally offering long-term health benefits. Families and couples that lay out goals collectively enhance the support and motivation required to fulfill the wellness journey.  Below is a sample program layout to get you and your family underway.

  1. Have each family member write down their individual and family health goals, and then discuss with each other to learn and plan.
  2. Collectively create family wellness goals that align with each person’s individual objectives. Ensure this is a group effort with zero judgment. Let this process take time as you synthesize each idea and opinion. Remember, the end goal is optimal health and wellness for each family and individual originated into a plan that’s fun, invigorating, and promotes happiness.
  3. Once the plan is established, create weekly, or bi-weekly meeting’s to go over progress and any challenges. For some, utilizing a family and individual journal may help one track their process.  Meetings are meant to encourage, support, and to listen to our family. Often times plans may need to be re-structured as life events alter or evolve, and that’s okay. Lastly, be sure to acknowledge individual and shared success, no matter how big or small.

Sample Family Wellness Plan






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