Burned out from Work? Lets talk.

Do you find yourself more grouchy and less tolerant these days? Are your once friendly and positive vibes lacking gratification of your achievements? Is muscle pain a common occurrence? Have your healthy habits altered?  If any of this resonates, you are a possible candidate for job burnout.

In the onset of my career, I worked in the finance sector and embraced the fast-paced environment and being part of something great. Reading the Financial Times and Barrons was a habit while helping a team accelerate in the banking world. And let us not forget the work happy hours which turned into the next days’ office gossip.

Fast forward six years, I hit rock bottom and realized I deserved more than a cubicle, an excel spreadsheet, and endless meetings after meetings. Can you relate? I felt I was living in my job rather than living my life while struggling with career burnout.

I soon quit my job (much to my parents’ dismay) and left Boston for Manhattan to embark on a career in event planning and professional organization. The change was ideal and allowed me to tap into my creative side while working on applications for University.

Fast forward a few more years, and today I live a life filled with increased abundance with the help of yoga and meditation as the primary resources for balance while raising a child and working for a wellness company.

The most prominent challenge I faced when altering my life was maintaining confidence in my choices. Leaving a steady finance job for something simpler can often be a rigorous task provoking new types of anxiety. However, the most significant goal I had was finding my purpose in life and discovering my organic happiness.

A few resources that have helped me live a more stabilized life are increased physical activity, the study of yoga and meditation, reading self-development books, and introducing essential oils to my daily practices. Looking back at my finance career, had I knew then what I know now, perhaps I would still be working in banking, but with greater ease, calm, and clarity.

When one is on the path to career burnout, feelings of hopelessness arise, however, recognize there are options to handle the emotions you are shouldering. Below are some tips that may help one find a bit more work-life-balance in today’s busy world.

  • Increasing your outdoor activities (hiking, biking, or a walk in nature)
  • Attend yoga classes where you can learn about meditation
  • Find a workout buddy to help boost your fitness motivation
  • Take out your pen and journal your thoughts, emotions, and feelings
  • When you are home, do not engage in work-related material or work email
  • Start voluntary work for an organization you are passionate about
  • Introduce essential oils into your daily regimen (topically, aromatically, internally)

Try each of the above-stated recommendations, and slowly, but surely, you will be on a path with increased awareness and tranquility.  If you are intrigued to learn more about my current career endeavors and lifestyle, please feel free to connect with me so we can talk.

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