Disconnect from Work to Wellness

Pic via This is Glamorous

As we approach the new year resolution lists are being created and goals refined. A major initiative for many is finding the tools and techniques for increased wellness and balance and making the impossible, possible by disconnecting from tedious obligations that propagate life stressors.

Disconnecting is merely relinquishing work calls and emails over the weekend and weeknights. For those that are caretakers, asking for help from others is a positive way to scale back from work overload. If you are a student, allow yourself study breaks so your brain can relax and reprocess. Lastly, scaling back from time spent on social media platforms is paramount. Think of it as a digital detox. Dr. John Swartzberg notes “that disconnecting from our perpetual tether to iPhones and laptops can do all kinds of great things for our real-world connections with families and friends” by releasing stress-related obligations for stress-reducing activities. Time spent outdoors can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul from a simple walk in a park to hiking in the mountains. If you belong to a gym, hop into a few group exercise classes and gain motivation and momentum from the team support. Most importantly, disconnecting is also your time to have solo moments either it be meditating, reading a book, listening to your favorite music, escaping to the spa or just relaxing in bed. Alone time is crucial for one’s overall health.

Disengaging from work obligations during your free time is imperative for work-life symmetry and preventing career burnout. If you apply the suggested methods in your life, you may experience possible changes in your approach to work to your emotions at home. Give it a try!



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