Avocado Lavender Hydration Mask

When it comes to avocados I love them on toast, on eggs, in a smoothie, raw with a dash of salt, in a salad, and as a main ingredient in a hydrating facial mask. Try this simple and nourishing beauty recipe during your next self-care routine. Your face will love it!


– small or medium mason jar

– 1/2 avocado

– 1tbsp raw organic honey

– 1 tbsp organic aloe vera gel

– 5 to 10 drops of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil


Mash the avocado till a smooth texture appears. Then mix the honey, aloe vera and essential oil to the blended avocado. Place into small-to-medium sized mason jar, then cap.

Like any mask, let it set on your face from 10 to 15 minutes while you soak in a warm bath or relax on your bed. When the clock’s up, gently remove the mask with warm water and a wash cloth, and follow with your daily facial lotion or with the Well&Co. anti-wrinkle cream or Face Serum.

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