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The Zen Desk

Zen is a Buddhist philosophy that encourages meditation, serenity, and mindfulness. The practice of zen helps one realign their daily grind to achieve more peace and calm. With health being a factor in an employees performance and career enthusiasm, companies are starting to embrace wellness programs and zen atmospheres. The current challenges employees have in their workplace can be reduced if the environment sets a tone of tranquility and peace.

For some, however, their office space currently lacks natural elements from sunshine to greenery, and many are still employed at companies with no wellness platform. If this is your case and you are piqued to bring aspects of a zen atmosphere to your office, below are a few tips to consider.

~ While this is not a physical change, removing yourself from work gossip is a key proponent to a healthier work environment.

~ Place green plants on your desk or throughout the office. Plants clean contaminated office air and absorb pollutants while also offering positive visual stimulation.

~ Listen to music. Music is directly linked to our emotions and can be used as a stress-reduction tool. Consider meditation music or classical notes from Mozart.

~Listen to an inspiring podcast on your way to work and during the day. Often times, we need positive motivation to keep up inspired and driven.

~ Place colorful art on the walls or prints with motivational quotes in your cubicle. Visual interaction with creative pieces promotes calm and tranquility while allowing your brain to relax.

~  Drink plenty of water throughout the day as it is essential to one’s mental state. Hydration has significant influence over our mind and how we function. So if possible, avoid too much caffeine, which leads to dehydration and lethargy.

~ Get outdoors during your lunch break as your mind, body, and soul needs an office detox. Fresh air can do wonders for the psyche, and stretching our bones is paramount!

~ If there is no wellness plan at your company, talk to HR about implementing one. Good companies will listen to their staff when it comes to finding solutions for employee happiness and retention rates.

There are certainly more methods in which to bring zen into your work life, but for now, focus on the above-recommended ideas. Change does take time, but these small workplace enhancements will reap longterm mental rewards.

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