Five Mindfulness Practices To Explore

When it comes to health, wellness, mental peace, and happiness, I want to do whatever it takes to naturally get there. We are living in a busy world, constantly getting busier with people more connected to their electronics than ever before. We are always “on” 24/7.

The key to finding balance in today’s fast-paced society is ensuring we give ourselves the time and space required to re-align with our inner-self.  Below are some mindfulness practices to integrate into your self-care regimes.

Daily affirmations:

I like to read or listen to affirmations twice a day, once in the morning and in the evening. Affirmations do not need to be lengthy, they can be short and simple words to guide you throughout your day. I favor affirmations found on YouTube by repeating the words aloud to help perpetuate the effectiveness of the message. This practice re-centers my emotions, energy, and overall sense of calm.


I cater to guided meditations as it helps keep my brain in check, and with my time limitations, five-to-ten-minute meditations work best. Meditation or mental stillness is the best medicine for the soul as it encourages our psyche to chill out and breathe.


This practice can be done during meditation, an affirmation, or individually on its own. Expressing gratitude at the onset and conclusion of the day is a great practice as it encourages you to feel grateful for the little things that we often take for granted.


Writing your thoughts down is one of the healthiest habits one can get into. This allows your brain to detox from information overload, while also offering a safe place for you to mentally rewind and connect with your inner-self.

Tarot and Oracle Cards:

This step commingles with daily journaling by adding a spiritual element to the journal practice. From a tarot or oracle card deck, select a card upside down at random. Once you read the card, reflect on the message written and use it as your guide throughout the new day. I like to keep the card on my bedside table so that I can constantly see it and reflect on the message.  If you have an office, bring the card to your desk.

Explore each of the said practices, and start slowly with a new mindfulness method each week, and gradually progress to your desire.  You have nothing to lose, rather you will gain additional strength, joy, and peace.

Mindfully curated by Debra Gudema for Well&Co.

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