Simply crazy to believe this is the last month of 2017! So, on that note, make the best of it. Enjoy it and embrace these final days of the year.

    Crisp autumn mornings are such a treat with sun and foliage peering through the window. With a few moments of solo time to spare, an essential oils spa bath and coffee on the side are a must. What are your favorite morning routines when free time permits?


Stop, Drop & Meditate

No matter the day and no matter the time, stop, drop and meditate. Meditation is centuries old, however, the popularity of the practice has increased twofold in the past ten years. Leading motivational speaker Tony Robbins begins each day in ten minutes of meditation focusing on his breathing while expressing gratitude and


Sometimes, just one sentence can change your mind, break open your heart and soothe your soul. The #truthbomb card collection by Danielle LaPorte is magnificent and makes for a nice addition to your daily routine.

Self-Care Tuesday

    Happy Tuesday! Be sure to embrace in self-care today from a walk in nature, a warm bath or delving into a great novel. My morning self-care is a mix of lavender oil to set the mood and strolling through an art gallery to let the mind and eyes

Motivation Monday

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