Self-Care is Essential

Today was an ideal day for self-care. With the tot off at school, I embraced in major rejuvenation with a spa bath infused with a mix of tea tree and lavender essential oils, and meditation music gently filling the background. End result was pure bliss! Interested in learning more about

Work-Life Balance: Tips From 3 Successful Working Mothers

Today, a wide range of mothers are in the workforce for a myriad of reasons. For some, a career may be a choice, while for others a job is mandatory for fiscal survival.  Each of these mothers has one major item in common, finding work-life balance. On a quest to

Daily Gratitude Prayer

  “I start my day with gratitude. I am grateful for this new day. I am grateful for any new chances and opportunities that arise. I am grateful for the nature that surrounds me. I am grateful for access to food, shelter and clean water. I am grateful for family

    A hot chocolate and a cozy blanket on a chilly day is a treat! Add a few dashes of peppermint essential oil to the drink for an extra festive flavor! Have any hot chocolate recipes you love? Share below.

    Christmas market season is here! A time to shop for unique gifts, sip on seasonal favorites, indulge in holiday treats and hum along to the merry tunes. What is the best Christmas market you’ve ever been to?

Simply crazy to believe this is the last month of 2017! So, on that note, make the best of it. Enjoy it and embrace these final days of the year.

    Crisp autumn mornings are such a treat with sun and foliage peering through the window. With a few moments of solo time to spare, an essential oils spa bath and coffee on the side are a must. What are your favorite morning routines when free time permits?

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