Spiritual Verbosity! Say, What?

For those of you that are new to the spiritual world, you may be dubious of the language you hear. I sure was at my first seminar, but in time, the expression of love becomes as translucent as water.  In the spirit of the new week, below is a collection of some commonly used nomenclature, one may hear in the circle of spiritual junkies.

Awareness –  (A Gabby Bernstein favorite) To know that we are more than our thoughts and body. To be conscious of our thoughts, emotions, our physical being, and how we alight that with our natural energy.

Chakra- The word chakra is Sanskrit for ‘vortex’ or ‘wheel.’ The chakras are energy centers within our physical bodies. -Michelle Walling

Comeback Rate- Gabby encourages students to focus on bouncing back. Instead of beating yourself up when you feel like you’re slipping, rejoice in the fact that you have the power to pull yourself back up. The faster you do this, the easier it will become. Witness your feelings and change them—the faster, the better.

Consciousness – Being receptive of our emotions, thoughts, feelings, the world around us, but most importantly, the feelings and emotions of others.

Energy – (A Gabby Bernstein favorite) The natural energy that we give out to the Universe will come back to us in multiple forms.

Intuition – Our kind, loving inner voice that guides us towards positive actions and peaceful outcomes.  -Gabby Bernstein

Law of Attraction – The aura one puts out into the Universe is sent back to us through people, situations, and/or scenarios. Similar concept to Energy.

Manifest – Manifesting is the art of tuning your own energetic vibration to a dominant frequency that can be supported by the ever-present energy of love. -Gabby Bernstein

Mindfulness – To be in the present and aware in every moment, and focused on one thing at a time. Commonly used during yoga practice.

Meditation –  A ritual that creates a state in which the body is consciously relaxed, and the mind can become calm and focused. Preparation for meditation includes grounding, breathing deeply, and asking for spiritual guidance and protection. -Michelle Walling

Spirit Junkie –  Someone who is hooked on feeling connected with a higher sense of meaning; someone who chooses a positive point of view; someone who opens his or her heart and mind to new perspectives even in the somewhat dark corners of life; someone who practices forgiveness and has an attitude of gratitude. -Gabby Bernstein

Spiritual Path – One is on a path of unlearning fear and remembering love. -Gabby Bernstein

This is just an onset of a very detailed longer list of spiritual nomenclature, but the terms selected are a few favored ones in my world.

~ Namaste

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