The Endless Holiday

The warm-and-fuzzies you feel following a holiday does not have to end when you arrive home. Instilling your holiday habits of rest and relaxation can be achieved by the following recommendations:

Take a Break

When the steam is rising or your feeling stretched beyond limits, allow yourself solo time for a walk, jog, yoga, journaling, or meditation. If you are in the office and cannot escape the environment, find a small quiet place to deep breath and bring focus on the positive. If have access to an iphone or tablet, listen to calming affirmations, meditation music or visuals of the ocean or mountains. Relaxing your brain will calm your nerves.

Restart and Refresh

When on holiday we have the assumption that life is perfect and effortless, and that everything is better when away. It has been researched that families and couples have a higher quality of connection when on vacation due to increased attention, recognition and love. When at home emulate this level of kinship: treat the children to a fun dinner, the wife to a romantic supper, and make family game nights a habit.  The goal is reestablishing the holiday moments of joy at the home-base.

Move and Groove

When on holiday we embrace in walks on the beach, bike rides around town, hikes in the rain forest or swim in the sea…simply put, vacations keep us moving. Emulate this by doing workouts with the family or partner; go hiking on the weekends at a park, hop on a bike and explore your home-town, create a scavenger hunt for your loved one’s around your city…a time for both fun and physical fitness. When one is moving and grooving, their endorphin’s are raised mimicking that holiday rejuvenation.

Be sure to tap into your adventurous side and embrace moments of rest and calm to relive vacation splendor…and remember, it is not where you go, it is who your with that matters.

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