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Podcasts have been a popular gig for some time now. This American Life has been a celebrated choice of mine since 2008, and I still love it today. With the wellness sector being in the groove, podcasts are increasing as the self-motivation outlet. In addition to This American Life, I have selected a few podcasts worthy of listening to next time you are in a cab, on a run, have a quick break, or are at home looking for a dose of motivation and inspiration.

Happier Project by Gretchen Rubin. If you have read her books, this podcast is a wonderful supplement to her readings as she addresses ways to harvest happy moments through positive behavior with recommendations of small life changes.

Drop of Inspiration by Young Living. This podcast is ideal for anyone who wants to receive more guidance on how to live a more abundantly healthy life while increasing their wellness knowledge from yoga, spirituality, self-care and more.

Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am sure many of you have read at least one of her books, and that being said, you will easily fall in love with her podcast where she offers the resources and motivation to help one achieve greater life creativity.

The Daily Boost by Scott Smith is fabulous as it caters to anyone looking for an extra dose of support by Smith delivering raw, straight talking, funny, and effective life strategies that offer long-term results.

The Tony Robbins Podcast by Tony Robbins. We have all heard of Tony Robbins. We know his magic and what he is capable of doing. He is the master in the field of self-help and self-development from finance to relationships. In his podcast, he provides proven methods to help one become their best self while offering a dose of confidence and reassurance.

No matter where and no matter the time, listen to one of these incredibly inspiring podcasts to offer you additional encouragement in your everyday life.

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