Stress Away Sugar Scrub

Picture via The Shabby Creek Cottage

Essential oils are the purest gift when creating your own wellness supplies.  A household favorite is Stress Away essential oil, and yes, the name says it all. This perfectly balanced scent of both tropical and citrus notes creates a zen-like oasis for the mind and body.

During your next shower or bath, nourish and relax your skin and muscles with the Stress Away sugar scrub. The scrub is best applied on the legs, back, feet, arms, and back-of-neck. Add a glass of wine and meditation music to establish a place of inner bliss.


  • ½ cup carrier oil (coconut, almond,V-6, etc.)
  • 1 cup of organic granulated sugar
  • 15 drops Stress Away essential oil


Mix the sugar and coconut oil in a glass bowl, then add the drops of Stress Away and remix the blend. You may add additional drops of oil to achieve your desired scent level. Remix all of the contents and then place in a mason jar.

**the coconut oil may make the bottom of your bath or shower slippery. So just be careful when attending to your self-care ritual.

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