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Patience is a word with huge influence in our overall life. Without patience, stress and other negative factors have the power to take over. For me, patience is essential for my health and wellbeing and is often found after a few moments of deep breathing with lavender oil. I have to remind myself to be patient rather than anxiously await the outcome of an event. This morning I have a medical appointment, and I know I will have a wealth of traffic to experience on the way. To help ensure a sense of ease and calm to lessen impatience, I will listen to a Kundalini mantra in the car encouraging my mind to focus on the good versus the negative. And yes, sometimes it’s easier said than done, and that’s why the daily practice of writing in a journal is an excellent step in the right direction. When you’re in your sacred space to journal today, reflect on what patience means to you and how the act of being patient towards yourself and others may alter your mindset and wellbeing.

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