A Review of Judgment

Judgment is a word that often elicits a negative feeling. However, there are times judgment is used when making decisions based on your safety and life choices. Then there is the judgment of making opinions about yourself and others. Author Gabby Bernstein recognized this judgment as “the root of all our problems, from the pettiest disagreements to the most catastrophic world events. Our belief that we are separate from one another leads to gossip and bullying as well as deep divisions and violent hate.” Therefore, learning how to move from judgment toward a heart of compassion is essential not only for oneself but the world.

– How has judgment as described by Gabby Bernstein impacted your life?

– What are the ways in which you’ve expressed judgment of yourself/others?

– When the mind is in a judgemental state, how do you feel?How does your body respond?

– If we focused more on compassion and connection versus judgment and rejection, how would your interactions and relationships be different?

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