Meditations On-The-Go

As an advocate of meditation, it is simply gratifying to have wellness resources easily accessible no matter where I am located.  With that being said, it has been argued by sources to toss the phone in order reach a state of calm. However, for numerous folks out there who lead a busy lifestyle, a meditation app is an ideal selection when seeking a brain break. After months of using a plethora of meditations apps, I continuously returned to Simple Habit.

Simple Habit is my break from reality and my greatest mindfulness resource. With meditations led by vetted wellness teachers and industry leaders, the app’s primary features are the  5-minute meditation plans, which can be listened to anytime, anywhere.  My favorite selections are the “On-The-Go” meditations from a walking meditation,  a deep breathing meditation, and a bath meditation.  The bath series is composed of words to raise your awareness and gratitude for life and water, the simple things we often take for granted.

In January I participated a 31-Day Fresh Start Meditation Challenge hosted by Simple Habit. This workshop encouraged me to enhance and re-charge my meditation sessions and re-align my goals and values as a parent, wife,  daughter, sibling, and human. Over the 31-day practice, I witnessed myself becoming more spiritually aware and curious about the world around me and my life patterns and habits. To hone in on the experience, I ended each session with a few moments of quiet time and journaling to marinate the positive energy.

If you’re new to meditation or a pro, Simple Habit is a great selection for anyone looking to seek those extra moments of stillness and mental calm from today’s busy atmosphere.

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