3 Steps To Achieve Any Goal

If you are at all like me, then you love having a plan, setting goals, and creating a path to completion. From freelance writing to working in wellness and being a wife and parent, my goals are set with realistic expectations.


My strategy for accomplishing goals is simple. I write the goals down and set short-term milestones that help achieve long-term plans. For example, I am studying toward at certification in Positive Psychology from Penn. I started the program in the winter of 2018, and the course takes ten months to complete. The long-term objective is getting the certification, while the short-term milestones are finishing weekly assignments, participating in class lectures, passing exams, setting aside time to study, and keeping abreast of academic deadlines. When aiming to achieve any dream or aspiration, it is essential to break them down into achievable and realistic steps. This helps lessen stress, anxiety, and pressure of time.


In January most people have a plethora of new years goals, but as the spring season nears, it becomes the optimal time to reassess progress and establish new objectives. Once you acknowledge your drive and passion write it down in a journal and tell a trusted friend, family member or a mentor. Confide in someone who will support you, and seek guidance from those that experienced a similar path.


Unless it is an academic program, most deadlines are up to you. When you seek advice from others who experienced a similar goal, ask them about the challenges they faced and how they worked through setbacks while learning any tips to help you complete your new aspiration. Gaining this level of knowledge can help you craft the steps to achieving any goal.


I highly recommend breaking open a journal and a planner. This can allow you to track your progress and release your thoughts and emotions while you embark on a new goal. As previously noted, break down your larger visions into small, short-term deliverables with daily, weekly, and monthly benchmarks. When one can visually see the blueprint of obtaining a dream, the more easily one is able to complete and accomplish the required tasks with positivity, enthusiasm and consistency.

As you set sail with any new journey, the primary ingredient is a mixture of your passion and consistency. If you’re not feeling it, then don’t force yourself to complete a goal, but if it’s something you truly desire (in my case the certification in Positive Psychology), then remain determined and driven, and enjoy the process. At the end of the day you are your greatest advocate and support system, and it’s up to the oath you create to achieving any goal. As Zig Ziglar finely puts it, “motivation gets you going, habit gets you there.”

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