Nail Serum

If you’re like me, your cuticles are dry and nails are brittle, particularly in the cold and extremely hot seasons. Or from being a mom dealing with multiple baby wipes, hand cleaners and other drying solutions. Well, because time is of the essence this easy-breezy DIY nail serum is this mama’s dream come true.


1 unused and clean nail polish bottle

V-6 oil or fractioned coconut oil

5 drops Rosemary EO

4 drops Lemon EO

4 drops Carrot Seed EO

2 drops Tea Tree (optional addition)


Add the recommended essential oils to the nail polish bottle, then add your selected carrier oil filling the entire bottle. Gently shake the bottle so the ingredients commingle, then apply to your nails and cuticles daily for best results. This serum is particularly effective when used after a shower or bath in the evenings as it will allow oils to saturate and nourish your nails and cuticles for a longer period.

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