My Daily Rituals

Many have inquired how I start my morning and maintain zen throughout the day. Truthfully, each day is a different day. While I cannot control everything, especially the weather, I try to manage what I can within reason.


I start by journaling and then doing a meditation with lavender essential oil. I find it’s imperative to have quiet time to allow my brain to slowly awaken with mindful practices. I then wash up for the day and lather my face and body in coconut oil and place a few drops of Peace and Calming essential oil to my wrists and behind my ears.  From there, I gently awaken my daughter for her morning routine. As noted above, each day is a different day, so I diligently focus on deep breathing and practicing patience if the toddler is having a colorful morning attitude. We then set off to school listening to a Kundalini meditation, Sa Ta Na Ma by Mirabai Ceiba. I love this meditation for its mind-shift power and calming impact.


Lately, I’m either at the doctors office, the gym, or working on my website. Depending on how my day pans out, I make it point to squeeze in a five-minute meditation such as my chill pill meditation with lavender. It’s a quick mental fix and helps relaxes my mind, body, and spirit.


I love an evening bath to mentally detox and to flush out the toxins. A few of my favorite bath items are my Thieves soap, Epsom salt, Thieve essential oil or Stress Away oil, a facial mask and meditation music. For me, these moments, even if it’s only ten-minutes is a huge game-changer for my overall physical and mental wellbeing.

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