Podcasts for the Soul

This year I chanced upon four fabulous and meaningful podcasts that have super-charged my soul. From inspirational life stories to approaches on seeking joy, each podcast has my psyche ruminating over wellness philosophies and practices.

Over the past three years, the wellness industry has blossomed twofold from authors and speakers to well-being products and methodologies purposing ways to nourish our inner-self and esteem. With many voices sharing ideas to help heal one’s soul, one concept remains consistent: gratitude. In each podcast mentioned in the following, gratitude is continuously cited as the gatekeeper to establishing a peaceful and healthier lifestyle.

The Science of Happiness by The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.

This podcast offers a plethora of insightful strategies from various guests discussing topics on forgiveness, relaxation techniques, kindness, strength, and compassion. With four seasons under its belt, The Science of Happiness will open your mind and offer guidance on living life with ease. 

Everyday Mindfulness Show by Holly Duckworth.

With thought-provoking and insightful discussions on everyday mindfulness from meditation to embracing nature and the self, this podcast is ideal for anyone who wants to receive additional guidance on how to embrace the day with increased presence and awareness.

The Joy Factor by Julie Hanson.

Who’s not looking for a little extra joy? With the mission to help her listeners cultivate increased joy through laughter, the arts, and self-awareness, host Julie Hanson and her guest speakers will inspire and motivate you to see the glass as half-full. With her infectious spirit and soothing voice, one will get hooked in seconds on Hanson’s wisdom.

On The Other Hand by Rabbi Rick Jacobs

I wish I was introduced to this brilliant podcast eons ago! While it offers spiritual insight from weekly Torah portions, the lessons and words of wisdom are relatable to anyone seeking heartfelt guidance on how to live with gratitude and approach everyday life challenges through love, kindness, and forgiveness.

The magic of these podcasts is the multitude of topics catered towards improvement, growth, and self-development. No matter where and no matter the time, listen to one of these influencing series for encouragement in your everyday life.

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