Resources to Tackle Life and Career Burnout

Do you find yourself increasingly lethargic, grouchy or less tolerant these days? Are your once friendly and positive vibes lacking gratification of your achievements? Is muscle pain a common occurrence? Have your healthy habits altered?  If any of these factors resonate, you are a possible candidate of career and life burnout, as I was years ago.

In the onset of my profession, I worked in the financial sector and embraced the fast-paced environment and being part of something great. I loved and still, like the company I worked for as it introduced me to brilliant fiscal literature and taught me the skills to be an analytical thinker. But after seven years, I was exhausted.

I made the rigorous choice to leave a steady job for academia; however, I had a mission to discover my life’s purpose in the nonprofit sector while searching for deep-rooted happiness. Returning to university broadened my educational horizons, but ultimately I had to embrace mindfulness activities from yoga and meditation to experience life balance.

When one is confronted with career or personal burnout, feelings of hopelessness arise, however, it’s critical to recognize the solutions available. Due to the advancement of workplace wellness initiatives, companies have initiated mindfulness programs as an essential step in improving the health and productivity of employees.  So, before quitting a job as I did, seek out your company’s health and wellbeing agenda as a possible solution.

In addition to a corporate wellness platform, below are proposals that may offer additional support.

  • Increasing your outdoor activities (hiking, biking, or a walk in nature)
  • Attending yoga and meditation classes
  • Finding a workout buddy
  • Journaling each day
  • Volunteering for an organization you’re passionate about
  • Reading inspirational books and listening to motivating podcasts
  • Seeking assistance from a therapist

Burnout is a serious matter and one that needs to be continuously addressed. Our physical and mental health is fundamental to our productivity in our job and at home, therefore adding one or two mindfulness activities to your daily routine will increase self-esteem, work efficiency and boost happiness in your overall life.

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