Luxe Wellness at a TJMaxx Price

I love Sephora, Ulta, and the fancy cosmetics counters at high-end stores as much as the next lady. Yet on my last few excursions to TJMaxx, the latest wellness mecca, I have found myself mesmerized by the infinite beauty and bath selections.

With luxe skin-care lines by Clarins, Bobbi Brown, Elemis and Perricone MD to name a few, my cart was looking more luminous than ever! Let’s not forget the intricate selection of bath supplies from body oils to bath bombs, body scrubs, and facial masks all ensuring your at-home spa is complete from head-to-toe.

When it comes to self-care, I adamantly support and advocate the significance to love yourself first in order to love others. Self-care may not always be a bath or a beauty product, but placing yourself on the priority list is the secret sauce to alleviate stress and tension while allowing your mind and body to detox from the constant noise. If you are able to sneak in a spa-bath at home or some R&R time, then hop on over to TJMaxx and stock up on a few lush items with price-friendly tags. Remember, self-care is not selfish. It’s a fact of life and a fact of survival.

A few of my TJMaxx Wellness Faves:


Ahava Bath
Body Oil
Elemis Serum
Perricone MD Mask
Vitamin C Day Cream
Honey Lab Miracle Moisture


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