I sit and think, yes, it has been a while since I last wrote. Are you shocked? This world has turned me upside down and inside out. Like all of you, I have faced challenges that I never anticipated. Maybe I am stronger for it or more aware, but either way, I ponder each challenge as a new way to see this world. My heart is a bit weaker, yet stronger. My idea of “normalcy” has altered two-fold as I have adjusted to a new way of living and raising my children. I could sit here and lament the hardships I have encountered, yet at the same time, I need to recognize what my two children have faced and overcome. They, in my eyes, are the true champions.

I’m a bit more tired, which could be coupled with age, yet I’m a bit more alert in terms of our new society and the new or creative ways one needs to parent. I think back to my kids and how they are the ones keeping me going. They are the ones inspiring me to thrive and survive.

I find many don’t always inquire how another is doing. So much conversation is based on the judgment of what others are or are not doing. The negative vibe drains so much when we should find ways to lift each other. Many are hiding their struggles behind smiles we could only fathom. To those out there, you are not alone.

I know so much of today’s world is divided into multiple areas, from friendships to family relationships and beyond. Still, if we can find the happy medium of kindness and sincerity, it may help in terms of our mental survival of this pandemic. Yes, we all have friends and relatives on altering sides of this now political conversation, but a bit of empathy can go a long way unless one is coughing in your mouth. Even pre-covid that makes me shrill.

Do know, to the readers out there, you are not alone. Each day is a new day, and for many, that means a new day of challenges and obstacles to overcome. If I can be of any solace, I am here for you. We need one another more today than ever. Support systems are crucial to survival. Be the one that offers a bit more kindness and sympathy, and let us find ways for that to be the new trend.

And my dear readers, how are you? Let us be real and organic. I am here for you even if it is a message or an email. You are not alone. We are in this together.

{Mindfully curated by Debra Gudema for Well&Co.}

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