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The Significance of Expressing Importance

A voice has so much power, and when used to promote kindness, care, compassion and words of love, so many greater things are possible. Life as we know it is busy beyond measure; from work, family, chores, driving kids or helping our aging parents, carving out time to volunteer, caring for pets, cooking, cleaning…the list doesn’t end. No matter how fast-paced things are going, taking the time to express your care to someone is truly magical and a caring form of communication.

The act of telling people that they are important to us holds a deep and lasting significance, not only for the recipients but also for our own emotional well-being. This seemingly simple gesture can foster stronger connections, enhance relationships, and contribute to a more compassionate and harmonious society.

Validation and Affirmation:

One of the fundamental human desires is the need to feel valued and appreciated. By openly expressing that someone holds importance in our lives, we validate their presence and affirm their worth. This is not meant to boost one’s ego or for one to look for ego boosting opportunities; this affirmation can have an authentic and profound impact on the individual’s self-esteem and self-worth when shared with organic meaning. This act provides reassurance that their actions, thoughts, and feelings matter to us, which can instill a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Strengthening Relationships:

Relationships, whether they are familial, romantic, or friendships, are built upon mutual trust, respect, and understanding. Vocalizing someone’s importance serves as a tangible reminder of our commitment to these relationships. It deepens the emotional connection and fosters a sense of intimacy. When people feel genuinely cherished and integral to our lives, they are more likely to reciprocate these feelings, thereby strengthening the bond.

Promoting Positive Communication:

Effective communication is the cornerstone of healthy relationships. Expressing appreciation and importance creates an open and safe space for dialogue. When individuals know that their opinions and emotions matter, they are more likely to engage in open discussions, share their thoughts, and collaborate on finding solutions. This positive communication dynamic can prevent misunderstandings, conflicts, and emotional distance.

Enhancing Well-being:

Beyond its impact on relationships, acknowledging the importance of others can also positively affect our own well-being. Acts of kindness and expressions of gratitude release neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which are associated with feelings of happiness and reduced stress. As we make a habit of acknowledging the importance of those around us, we cultivate a positive emotional environment for ourselves and others.

Cultivating Empathy:

Perhaps my favourite reason for expressing importance, it encourages us to cultivate empathy. Empathy is integral. Without it, we are all at a loss. Empathy requires us to step into others shoes, to replace negative judgment with compassion, respecting one’s contributions, their challenges and growth, and valuing ones uniqueness. When we open our hearts to love over judgment, our ability to appreciate, respect, and to understand others becomes fundamentally deeper and more authentic.

When we vocalize the importance of people in our lives, we not only enrich our relationships but also contribute to a more compassionate and harmonious world. So, let us remember to take the time to tell those who matter to us just how important they are – for in doing so, we weave threads of understanding, love, and gratitude that form the tapestry of our lives.

Mindfully curated by Debra Gudema for Well&Co.

📸: Sam Edwards

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