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My Daily Rituals

Many have inquired how I start my morning and maintain zen throughout the day. Truthfully, each day is a different day. While I cannot control everything, especially the weather, I try to manage what I can within reason. Morning: I start by journaling and then doing a meditation with lavender

Adding More Zen To Your Day

Meditating, journaling, and tapping into our chakras has become the norm these days with an increase in wellness studios and mindfulness apps popping up left and right. Whenever we are faced with a challenge, the advice I hear is to stop, drop and meditate or to write until the brain is

Inner Bliss Linen Spray

I love, love this easy-to-make linen spray combination of lavender, thieves and purification oil, and you will too! This aroma combination encompasses the essence of tranquility and bliss! To make this wonderful spray I use: 1 oz witch hazel 1 oz water 3 drops thieves 3 drops lavender 3 drops

Busting Through Stress

Stress. It seems to be the constant that we can’t escape due to our busy lives, the news, and everyday challenges. If you’re like me, stress can sometimes take over, draining the mind and body. While I do practice mindfulness, stress can be triggered easily by what’s going on in

Eucalyptus Peppermint Neck Wraps

Life is too short to not spoil yourself. You’re worth it, especially after a long week. What I love about self-care is that you don’t need a fancy spa with a gigantic price tag. Self-care should be fun, effortless, and as inexpensive as possible. For a nice dose of zen,

Essential Oils for Summer Wellness

Summer is here, a time when we embrace the ever-needed vacation both mentally and physically. Ironically, the summer can still be challenging because we are trying to fit everything in. So, what can you do about it? Use this season to catch-up on self-care to simmer the summer tizzies. As

5 Ways To Get R&R With Essential Oils

I am an avid cheerleader of essential oils and using them in my daily life to cultivate increased balance, calm and rest and relaxation. Through my personal journey in the oil sector, I continue to learn about the benefits of essential oils and am thrilled to share a few tips on

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