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Autumn in the Air

Autumn is my favorite time of year. From pumpkin and apple picking to the the spirit of Halloween, it’s a season that magically taps into all your sensations from scent to sight. If you’re lucky enough to live in New England, the fall foliage is picturesque with robust colors of

Well&co. In Healthy Magazine

Wahooo @dgudema of @wellandco1 graced the page of U.K. based Healthy Magazine. This magazine is a @wellandco1 favourite and one that’s referenced daily for wellness advice and guidance. Check it out online or in print (if in U.K.).


Mindfulness practices are vital since they bring us to the present moment specifically at challenging times. Below are a few practices worth trying: – Compassion Pause: Taking 3 mins to find compassion for yourself and others. – Slow Flow or Kundalini Yoga: Slower based Yoga that allows for deeper concentration.

And so it’s the final day of 2017. Make the best of it, and be sure to enter 2018 with a kind heart, good vibes, and a wealth of gratitude. In other words, leave the shit from 2017 in 2017. Start the new year with a fresh slate for yourself

5 Wellness Books Worth Reading in 2018

Life is busy, life is hectic, and life moves fast. In addition to exercising and drinking water to help balance the mind and body, there are several other resources to offer you motivation in the self-care and wellness departments. Nourishing your brain with books that concentrate on wellbeing and healthy living is

Lean In: Lady Boss Network

Lady Boss Network is a platform which ladies can support other ladies in many aspects of their lives: business/entrepreneurship, personal development and balancing work and family. The objective of this chapter is to provide ladies with the resources and guidance they need to enhance and succeed in their work and

    This is the season of good food and gifts galore! But rather than giving or expecting gifts, consider being the gift. “There is no present in life that exceeds the gift of being present for the people you love.” – Teodrose Fikre

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