Peppermint Brownies

Christmas may be over, but the city still sparkles with┬áholiday joy. To help stretch the season festivity, one treat I love this time of year is warm brownies cooked with a dash of peppermint oil. Below is the recipe for all to try and enjoy. Let me know how it works out and send pics! […]


Morning Zen

I recently received a message from someone wanting to learn about my morning zen routine. Each day my morning consists of coffee as it’s paramount, but while that’s brewing, I settle into my meditation space for ten minutes and embrace in those moments of mindfulness to reflect on the new day with gratitude and optimism. […]



Mindfulness practices are vital since they bring us to the present moment specifically at challenging times. Below are a few practices worth trying: – Compassion Pause: Taking 3 mins to find compassion for yourself and others. – Slow Flow or Kundalini Yoga: Slower based Yoga that allows for deeper concentration. – Loving-Kindness Meditation: A prayer […]