Self-Development All Year Round

The importance of observing Yom Kippur or acts of kindness and forgiveness all year is essential.

Change (for the better) is a process. It takes steps, it takes lots of introspection, dedication, recognition and continual connection to the higher-self, the universe, and for some, continued connection to one’s temple, church or place of worship throughout the year.

Join me in making this year the best year by living with greater love, kinder thoughts, kinder words, increased charity, healthier habits towards our bodies, healthier eating and drinking, leaning towards love, less-to-zero judgment of others (as judgment is just a reflection of something we don’t like about our own-self), and living with a greater heart. May our actions reflect our words and promises.

How do we do this? We stay committed to our spiritual practices or religious teachings, practice daily meditation, exercise (even if it’s a walk around the block), drink more water, less cell phone time, less negative talk, more personal connection, and lots of daily gratitude and journaling. Smile, too!! 🙂

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