Tea Tree Clay Mask

There is no better time for self-care than at this moment. From getting extra rest (even if it’s only five minutes) to an outdoor walk or simply getting chores checked off your list, self-care is key for your mental wellness!

In the following is an easy Tea Tree Clay Mask recipe. This mask is good for all skin types leaving the face feeling fresh, radiant and detoxed. Masks are best when followed by your daily face moisturizer to prevent drying. If you like pure ingredients in your beauty supplies at an affordable price, making your own spa treatments is an everlasting gift.

This is what you need:



  • Combine the clay and vinegar in a bowl and stir until the vinegar fizz has simmered.
  • Add the Tea Tree essential oil and stir with to a smooth texture.
  • Apply mask to face, avoiding contact with eyes and mouth.
  • Let the mask set on your face for ten minutes followed by rinsing with a warm washcloth.
  • Complete routine with your daily moisturizer.

Often times the face may appear slightly red after the mask has been on, but don’t be fret, it’s a sign the mask has worked its magic.

Next time you have a few moments, delve into this fun DIY mask or make it ahead of time and use when you have spare time to put your feet up and breathe. I know life is beyond surreal and hectic now, but allow yourself a these moments of self-care because you’re worth it!


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