Having Faith

Let’s face it, life is tough. I’m not a wellness pro or some fancy wellness guru. Just an average folk tossing some tools of wisdom that got passed my way during the years.

If anyone has stated to you that life is perfect. Run and keep running. Life is far from perfect. I’m a living example. Everyone, or most people, try hard to be their best, and yet, we will mess up. We cannot be judged and we cannot judge others. Just always try your best, never give up and have faith.

Challenges, as I have be told, are our great lessons if we choose to see them as such. Most people have a rigorous time accepting and coping with challenges that emerge in either their personal life, career or both. Often times people run and hide when faced with adversity due to uncertainty or fear, and I get that. But we need to learn to stay strong. When faced in a terrible situation we have the opportunity to view it from a positive perspective and thus enabling the power to change our perspective from a place of fear to love. This does take time, but it can happen.

In the following paragraph, I have listed some ways to embrace everyday struggles. When you lean from a place of personal growth and positivity, your life and career will abundantly alter over time.

1. Start a daily journal to track and review your emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

2. Remove judgement of self and others and replace with love and understanding.

3. Consult a coach or therapist for additional guidance and support.

4. Exercise your body to release endorphins (the happy hormones).

5. Tune into a motivating podcast or book.

6. Slow down and breathe.

7. Drink up the water. Staying hydrated may help with making sound decisions.

8. Don’t take things personally. Everyone is fighting something.

By implementing these life enhancing tips into your daily routine, you will experience a wealth of legit positivity, renewed freshness, increased gratitude and a new mindset. Life is difficult, but you have the power to change the perspective and create miracles by practicing these good habits. Yes, it takes time. Trust me, I’m on this ride with you. For an added bonus, if you like oracle cards as I do, pull one each day and reflect on it’s meaning and journal on how that card relates to your life on that day. It’s rad and kind of magical, and when you blast some meditation or yoga music in the background…it just elevates the experience.

{Mindfully curated by Debra Gudema for Well&Co.}

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